Using “Day One” App to Plan for That Book

There was a great post on TechCrunch yesterday about “Why Every Entrepreneur Should Self-Publish a Book.” I’ve never written a book but I’m guessing the inspiration for writing a book (in the entrepreneur space) comes from the desire to share your experience, the good and the bad in whatever it is that you’ve done over the years.

If you are someone who doesn’t yet have that experience but might someday, it might be difficult to plan for your book ahead of time but it’s not impossible. 

I recently started using the Day One app for the MAC to keep track of daily occurrences and events for our ice cream company, Phin & Phebes. Half the battle for me personally is remembering the long trail of events that happened in the past. Between the ice cream company, consulting and working on my own projects I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast so this is a necessity for me.

Using Day One I can quickly write little stories that - you never know - might be used for a book in the future. 

Aside from this, writing is good for your health - so maybe daily journaling will even make you feel better. :)